Aequora at Nyansa


Our site is located in at the Nyansa Classical Community, a community center in New Orleans, LA. At Nyansa, we are proud to partner with The Paideia Institute and offer Aequora as an after-school program.

Aequora is a K-8 curriculum focusing on literacy education via Latin. Led by independent site-coordinators, Aequora has expanded to over 30 sites in 12 states. At Ashland Elementary, we have chosen Aequora because we believe in the benefits of a classical education. Through The Paideia Institute's Aequora curriculum, our volunteers harness the classical languages’ power to improve literacy while making the ancient Mediterranean world fun and accessible to students of all backgrounds. To support Aequora, please click on the button below.

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At Nyansa, our Aequora sessions are held every Saturday in a big classroom. In addition to the Aequora curriculum, two other teachers lead lessons on Greek mythology and there is a Bible study. We welcome children ranging in age from 6-12 years old.

The students that attend our program come from minority backgrounds and use the program as a supplement to public education. Once everyone arrives, we eat lunch as a community and then the children are split up into age groups and rotate through the different lessons.


Antigone Clark is a sophomore at Tulane University, majoring in Classics. She began working with Aequora last spring. As part of her school's service learning curriculum, she went to Lafayette Academy every Tuesday to teach the Aequora curriculum to an enthusiastic group of fifth graders.

After expressing her interest in teaching the Aequora curriculum, she got involved with the Nyansa program the following year, as the current student leader was graduating. This year, she has greatly enjoyed being a part of the Nyansa community and using the Aequora curriculum to share her love of the Classics with young​ students.

To volunteer for Aequora at our site, please contact the coordinator or use the volunteer button below.