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The Williamsburg Charter High School unites youth, families, staff, teachers and the community at large in providing young people with the tools necessary to make sense of the world and prepares them in their journey to become skilled workers in and literate citizens of the world community.

The Williamsburg Charter High School is located in Brooklyn, NY. At Williamsburg Charter, we are proud to partner with The Paideia Institute and offer Aequora as an after-school program.

Aequora is a K-8 curriculum focusing on literacy education via Latin. Led by independent site-coordinators, Aequora has expanded to over 30 sites in 12 states throughout the continental U.S.

At Williamsburg Charter, we have chosen Aequora because we believe in the benefits of a classical education. Through The Paideia Institute’s Aequora curriculum, our volunteers harness the classical languages’ power to improve literacy, cultural understanding, and equity in education — all while making the ancient Mediterranean world fun and accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Aequora is shaped by a belief that everyone should have access to Latin and by a vision of Classics as an inclusive, diverse, and socially engaged field. Our textbook, Aequora: Teaching Literacy with Latin, introduces the basics of Latin vocabulary and grammar, Roman culture and mythology, and connections between Latin, English, and Spanish, all through games and activities designed to show students that learning Latin is fun!

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Partner with Us


At Williamsburg Charter, we feature small classroom settings. This enhances the power of our curriculum, allows for a high degree of interaction and collaboration between teachers and students, and gives our volunteer teachers rich opportunities for mentoring and leadership. It creates a small community of Latin speakers to have fun with as we explore the ancient past.

During our Aequora sessions, volunteers adopt an ‘active reading’ style. We encourage the students to ask questions, and discuss the material as they learn it, with the understanding that they may be quizzed later. When we begin teaching the vocabulary, we help the students with pronunciation, and explain some derivatives in English and Spanish. At the end of each lesson, we usually come together into one group and play games or activities to give the students an opportunity to apply what they have learned that day.

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The Aequora program is sustained by enthusiastic volunteers all over the country who care about making a difference and want to fight educational inequality through sharing their love of Latin. We are always looking for new volunteers!

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Our site coordinator, Dominique Fulcher, teaches Romance Languages and Literatures at the Williamsburg Charter High School. Click below to learn more about Dominique!