A Free, Browser-Based Latin and Greek Dictionary

Chiron is a free online dictionary for Latin and ancient Greek that works directly in the web browser.  To use it, simply install the free extension from the Chrome Extension Store, Firefox Extension Gallery, or Safari Extension Gallery.  You can turn on translation for Latin or Greek and click on any Latin or Greek word to see its translation right in your browser window. Chiron draws its definitions from the free, online dictionaries made available by the Perseus Project.

We'd like to thank Lachie Kermode, Paideia's 2015-2016 Digital Humanities Fellow, and Jessica Ji and Lucy Lin, Paideia's summer 2016 digital humanities interns, for their work developing Chiron.  We'd also like to thank Bridget Almas, Helma Dik, Harry Diakoff, and Gregory Crane, as well as The Perseus Project and Tufts University.