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Classical Tours

Take Your Students Abroad with Paideia

The Paideia Institute works with high school teachers to design high-quality educational tours in Italy and Greece over spring or summer break.  Paideia specializes in helping teachers of Latin and Greek design trips that teach classical language, literature and history in context by turning the ancient city into a classroom.  Since Paideia is staffed by trained classicists with a passion for teaching the ancient world in situ, teachers can be sure their trip will be a meaningful academic experience.

Logistical Support

Paideia handles all aspects of planning and organization so teachers can concentrate on teaching and enjoying their time with students.  Available support includes reservations of flights, hotels and ground transportation, museum and site entrances, classroom rental, chaperoning, expert guiding, food, cell phones, and travel insurance.  

Curriculum Design, Guiding, and Teaching Assistance

What makes Paideia Classical Tours unique is the care we take in designing itineraries that integrate history, language, and literature with the sites we visit.  Paideia staff works with teachers to ensure that their itinerary is closely integrated with their curriculum and their individual interests.  This includes the development of readings and activities that pair ancient literature with ancient sites.  Our goal is to give your students unforgettable experiences that make them fall in love with the ancient world and the classical tradition.

Earn Scholarships for Professional Development

Teachers who use Paideia classical tours are eligible for scholarships to Paideia's independent programs and other programs at partner organizations through our Incentive Program.

Request a Proposal

To request a proposal for your school, send us an e-mail at [email protected].  Be sure to include your name and a phone number where you can be reached so we can schedule a conversation to help plan a trip that best suits your students.


Paideia is the only organization I know of that offers tours of the classical world that go beyond simply sight-seeing. At the heart of their program is substantive, rigorous learning. Our trip was crafted specifically around our school’s program and our students’ own interests to make the greatest impact upon them both academically and personally. Students left feeling that they had built a meaningful connection with both the modern and ancient cultures they encountered. -- Ted Freeman, The Westtown School, Westtown PA

Our experience in Rome with the Paideia Institute was an educational and logistical dream! We mean no hyperbole. The Paideia staff who worked closely with us throughout our trip - from the planning in the US to our departure from Italy - demonstrated a pervasive professionalism and a fluent knowledge of Italian language and culture, both modern and ancient. Our Teaching Assistant implemented each day's activities with alacrity and scholarship. He got to know each of our 14 students - a group with varied passions and perspectives - and each of them learned so much from his dynamism, leadership and expertise. The Paideia Institute prioritizes and achieves a high level of student (and teacher) intellectual engagement no matter the spectrum of interests, depth of knowledge of the Classics, or the dynamics of the group itself. -- Greg Lynch, Mercersberg Academy