Paideia Institute Policy on Classical Tours & COVID-19

Risks of Travel

  • Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic is a risk. The Paideia Institute will do its best to keep participants safe while traveling. Nonetheless, all Classical Tours participants must understand that they may be exposed to COVID-19. Participants agree to assume this risk, and release the Paideia Institute from any liability for such harms or additional expenses, unless that harm is caused by the Paideia Institute’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Requirements for Travel

  • Each country has specific requirements and documents needed for entry and for movement within the country, including to sites that are part of the tour itinerary. The US likewise has requirements for return to the US.
  • It is the responsibility of tour participants to be aware of and comply with requirements on entry to the tour country, movement within the tour country, and return to the US. Failure to follow these requirements or obtain the documents necessary to satisfy these requirements may result in the participant being unable to participate in the tour and/or other disruption to travel. The Paideia Institute is not responsible for disruption to the tour and/or travel that stems from a participant’s inability to meet the requirements or obtain the necessary documents. 
  • No refunds will be given if a tour participant fails or is unable to meet the requirements to enter the tour country, enter any location on the tour itinerary, or return to the US.  Travel insurance is recommended to cover trip interruption and/or medically imposed quarantine.
  • Additional expenses incurred as the result of failure or inability to meet the requirements will be the responsibility of the tour participant, except as indicated below.

Entry to Tour Country, Movement within Tour Country, Return to US

Validity of Certification of Vaccination

  • Update 1 Dec 21: Beginning December 15th, 2021, the period of validity of certification of vaccination in Italy changes from 12 months to 9 months. This means that any participant in a Classical Tour who was vaccinated more than 9 months before their tour, will not be considered vaccinated for their tour, unless they have received a booster since then.
  • Update 1 Dec 21: For the period of December 6, 2021, to January 15, 2022, the Italian government has decreed that those who are not vaccinated will not be able to enter museums or restaurants for indoor dining. Unfortunately, this makes participation in a Classical Tour in Italy impossible for the unvaccinated.
  • Due to current requirements and restrictions in place due to Covid-19, participation in a Classical Tour in Greece is more complicated for unvaccinated travelers. Compliance with local regulations for unvaccinated individuals may entail additional costs and may affect participants’ ability to take part in tour activities. If you are a teacher who will have unvaccinated travelers on your tour, a student who is unvaccinated and plans to join a tour, or a parent considering enrolling an unvaccinated child as a participant in a Paideia Classical Tour to Greece, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Life on Tour

  • In addition to the entry requirements discussed above, the Paideia Institute will communicate with tour participants any specific health regulations required by specific public spaces, museums and archaeological sites, public transportation, tour bus operators, restaurants, and any other locations visited by the tour. Participants are expected to follow these regulations.
  • The Paideia Institute can arrange for COVID-19 testing for anyone who wants or needs to be tested, at the expense of the person being tested.

In Case of a Confirmed Case of COVID-19

  • If a tour participant tests positive for COVID-19 while on tour, the participant will be required to self-isolate per local health authority requirements.
  • The Paideia Institute can book a room in a local hotel with rooms set aside for COVID-19 self-isolation.
  • If the tour participant required to self-isolate is a minor, a parent/guardian is allowed to come stay near their child, though some local health authorities rules may not permit the adult to stay in the same living quarters.
  • The Paideia Institute will facilitate communication between the tour participant and their family and with local health authorities.
  • For any self-isolation that overlaps with the dates of the tour, the Paideia Institute will cover the cost of lodging for those dates and any meals already paid for as part of the tour package.
  • If the self-isolation period ends before the end of the tour, the Paideia Institute will arrange for the tour participant to rejoin the tour.
  • If the tour concludes before the end of the self-isolation period, the Paideia Institute will arrange for a rescheduled return flight for the tour participant at the end of the self-isolation period based on the originally scheduled flight itinerary, provided that the Paideia Institute has arranged for flights for the group. Any change fees are the responsibility of the traveler, not the Paideia Institute.
  • No refunds will be issued for unused portions of the tour and the Paideia Institute will not cover any additional expenses apart from those described above. Travel Insurance is recommended to cover trip interruption and medically imposed quarantine or self-isolation.