Classical Tours Incentive Program

THE PAIDEIA INSTITUTE offers scholarships to teachers who use Paideia Classical Tours through our Incentive Program. This program allows teachers who do tours with Paideia to earn varying levels of scholarships for Paideia’s independent programs in Europe as well as programs at our partner institutions, SALVI and the University of Kentucky. It's one way we give back to teachers and help support the study of Latin and Greek at every level.

Paideia Institute Programs


LIVING LATIN IN PARIS is an intensive Latin experience focusing on Medieval Latin and set in Paris. Participants read important Latin texts from the Medieval period and visit important historical and literary sites in Paris and its environs.

Earn a Full Scholarship with one Classical Tour with at least 25 students or two Classical Tours with at least 20 students.


LIVING GREEK IN GREECE is an intensive introduction to spoken Attic Greek in Seliantika, Greece. In two seminar-style meetings every day, participants read and discuss ancient Greek literature and philosophy in Attic Greek.

Earn a Full Scholarship with one tour with at least 30 students or two tours with at least 25 students.


CAESAR IN GAUL is a two-week seminar designed to enhance participants' appreciation of Julius Caesar and the Bellum Gallicum. The program includes lectures and seminars as well as visits to key sites of the Gallic Wars and other important monuments of Gallo-Roman culture.

Earn a Full Scholarship with one tour with at least 35 students or two tours with at least 25 students.

Partner Programs


SALVI offers weekend and week-long (rusticatio) and weekend-long (biduum) Latin immersion programs in West Virginia and California.

Earn a Full Scholarship for a Biduum with any tour with at least 12 students and for a Rusticatio with at least 15 students.


CONVENTICULA LATINA are Latin immersion seminars offered at the University of Kentucky and Dickinson College.

Earn a Registration Voucher to either Conventiculum with any Classical Tour. Earn a Full Scholarship (registration and housing) for either Conventiculum with any tour with at least 15 students.


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