Dux Femina Facti

A spoken Latin retreat for women


Part of The Paideia Institute’s mission is to foster learning environments where all participants feel comfortable and supported. Historically many spoken Latin events have been dominated by male voices. To begin to address this imbalance, we are proud to present Dux Femina Facti, a spoken Latin retreat for women. By offering a Latin immersion experience, designed, managed, and taught by women, we hope to create a inclusive event, where women can practice speaking Latin in a supportive, all-female environment, and discuss their experiences as female Latin speakers with their colleagues.

Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, a spoken Latin pioneer and co-founder of SALVI, will lead this weekend workshop. This event will be appropriate for female Latinists who know the basics of Latin grammar. No experience speaking Latin is necessary. Participants must be 21 years of age. Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be available upon request.

This workshop will take place on September 27th-29th at an estate in the Hudson valley, an hour north of New York City, which is reachable by public transportation. The program fee of $500 includes tuition, all meals, and accommodation. Accommodation is in shared rooms and bathrooms are shared. Please contact us for availability of single accommodation. Please register and pay the fee by September 1. 


Latin instructors at all levels have become increasingly convinced of the power of language teaching and learning practices informed by the experience of fellow teachers in the modern languages--witness the booming of online support groups for teachers implementing such practices and the increasing percentage of job postings for Latin teachers that emphasize active use of the language--but many instructors have not had the benefit of training in these practices, and training events can be hard to find. These workshops have been specifically developed to fill that gap.


The Paideia Institute is a certified provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU's). All registered participants at active Latin training events earn CEU’s.  The specific number of CEU’s awarded will depend on the length of the event. The Paideia Institute will also issue an Active Latin Certificate to all participants. This certification will document to potential employers of formal training in the active approach.


Participants are encouraged to apply for professional development grants in order to fund the cost of attending these teacher training sessions. Available grants include those offered by CANE, CAAS, CAMWS, the National Latin Exam, among others.