Improving Student Outcomes Through Latin

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What's in the Program?

Elementa offers schools the opportunity to incorporate Latin into literacy instruction in the classroom. The curriculum is flexible as a supplement to current English classes or as an independent and robust Latin program building the foundations for exploring both modern and ancient world languages.

Elementa teaches the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary in a way that provides students with the tools to improve their mastery of English and Spanish (and other languages!), but an equally crucial goal of the curriculum is to expose students to Roman culture and mythology and inspire their curiosity for the ancient world at large.

Through beautiful print textbooks and workbooks, students explore the basics of the Latin language with interactive and engaging lessons and classroom activities that include Latin vocabulary and grammar as well as Roman history and mythology. In addition, teachers have access to a rich and immersive online media experience, including professionally produced videos, animations, presentations and audio recordings.

How Elementa Improves Student Outcomes

For decades, studies have found that Latin instruction helps students achieve better results at all levels of schooling. For example, a study of over 4,000 students in Philadelphia found that just 20 minutes of Latin instruction per day showed students reading a full grade level above those who did not receive Latin instruction.

Over the last decade of teaching Latin and Ancient Greek to students from all backgrounds and age groups, the Paideia Institute has achieved similar results.

While some may consider Latin a “dead” language, in this way, it is very much alive. Language is the stuff of thought, and Latin forms the foundation for 60% of the English language. Students who successfully complete Elementa will perform better on standardized tests, achieve higher in-class marks in grammar and writing, and lay valuable foundations for success in biology, history, literature, and more. They will find they are able to think more critically, engage with more challenging material, and speak and write more clearly in all their classes, not just Latin.

Support For Teachers

Elementa was written for teachers, by teachers, with the goal that any teacher, whether or not they are trained in Latin, could use it in their classroom.

Daily support for instruction with Elementa includes the print Teacher’s Manual, the Elementa Teacher’s Materials kit, and the digital resources, designed to seamlessly complement the print textbooks.

  • The Teacher’s Manual contains a plethora of resources to support both the veteran teacher and the new teacher alike. From guided lessons and instructions for creative games to conversational activities, it is designed to save teachers time and increase efficiency through pre-designed lessons and activities. For example, every lesson has a bell-ringer and exit question, suggested activities, and even strategies for how to adjust for different class sizes or material availability, with over 160 lessons at the ready.

  • The Materials include pre-made cards and visuals for engaging activities, student handouts, interactive worksheets, graphic organizers, and assessments.

  • The digital Teacher’s Manual include optional audio-visual presentations to accompany each of the 150+ core and extension lessons outlined in the Elementa Teacher’s Manual. Presentations include slides for each introductory activity (incipit) and exit questions, visuals, and bullet points for presenting lesson content. In addition, short 3-5 minute videos present mythological and historical narratives with a fun and animated cast.

  • Elementa teachers and schools get discounted access to Paideia’s yearly Living Latin in New York City conference which features training sessions for teachers looking to level-up their Latin teaching abilities. They also get priority application status for our summer Living Latin in Rome program and our winter Living Latin in Paris program, both of which can be used for professional and pedagogical development to improve their use of Elementa in the classroom.

Support for Elementa doesn’t stop there, either. Paideia can provide professional learning sessions tailored to the needs of staff provide highly customizable learning opportunities to ensure an effective implementation of the curriculum during the school year. The trainings meet immediate teacher professional development needs to optimize foreign language instruction using all of our curricular resources. In addition to that, the customization options allow your staff to gain support building classroom relationships, professional communication, and other real-world, just-in-time, professional needs.


What grade levels is Elementa for?

Elementa is designed to be accessible for students as early as 3rd grade and spans through 8th grade, with our sequel Elementa II: Nexts Steps in Latin

What if we don’t have a Latin program? What if we already have a Latin program?

Elementa can be implemented as a full Latin classroom solution, a Latin-elective, after school, or extra-credit option for select students, or as a literacy and language support tool in English or History classes.

Do you have options for more advanced students?

Yes! We also offer Living Latin, an online and print immersive solution that covers the first three years of high school Latin. You can learn more about that curriculum here.

What if we need additional learning or pacing support?

On-demand training, professional development, and support is a part of the Elementa experience from the outset. Beyond included training on program navigation and use, further professional development can be arranged to meet your specific campus or district needs.

Why should students learn a dead language?

Latin’s not really dead—at least not as long as we speak English, Spanish, or any Romance language spoken in our communities today! More than 60% of English words derive from Latin, and knowing the meanings of Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes aligns with national ELA standards and has literacy benefits for both native and non-native English learners alike.

Every teacher’s real goal is not just to teach students content, but to teach them how to learn. Latin’s highly structured form, grammar and morphology improves students critical thinking and writing skills by training them to pay attention to every aspect of language.

What Teachers Are Saying

"Implementing Elementa into my classroom has engrossed my students into learning Latin through a new lens. This curriculum is jam-packed with engaging, fun activities for middle school students. It is nice to have something that helps my students become efficient in their grammatical studies in both Latin and English. It is a refreshing teaching experience and Elementa has beautifully woven a way to enhance the Latin learning experience for younger, curious students."

- Joseph Starnes, Washington Latin Public School

I LOVE Elementa! I used it as a guide for a sixth-grade Introduction to Latin course. It worked so well with my teaching style! And I used some of the activities when I taught a section of Intro French!

- Chelsea Brewer, Christ Church Episcopal School

Elementa Foundations for Latin Textbook

A student textbook emphasizing the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary in such a way that provides students with tools to improve their language skills. An equally crucial goal of the textbook is to expose students to Roman culture, inspiring their curiosity for the ancient world.

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Elementa Foundations for Latin Workbook

A consumable workbook for students, with extra space for notes, blanks for student responses, and additional interactive exercises.

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Elementa Teacher's Manual

150+ scripted and structured lesson plans and activity ideas. 

The Teacher’s Manual contains entirely scripted lessons, instructions for creative games, and conversational activities. It’s a great guide for a new teacher, or even for a veteran teacher who might be looking for a few new and fresh games. Whether it’s your first year teaching or your 25th, the manual is designed to save teachers time and increase efficiency through pre-designed lessons and activities. For example, every lesson has a bell-ringer and exit question, suggested activities, and even strategies for how to adjust for different class sizes or material availability. The theme of the teacher’s manual is flexibility. Lesson plans are organized in a “choose your own adventure” itinerary. If you teach Latin just once per week, you can rely on the 34 core lesson plans. But if your Latin classes meet more frequently, you can expand with relevant content using any of the 136 extension lesson plans!

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Elementa Teacher's Materials

Materials to accompany the Teacher’s Manual lessons. The Materials include premade cards and visuals for engaging activities, student handouts, interactive worksheets, graphic organizers, and assessments.

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Elementa Digital Teacher's Supplement

An online version of the print teacher's manual and materials, with over 100 slide presentations, print handouts, animated videos, and audio recordings. Perfect for creating an immersive classroom experience.

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