How to Build a Humanities Startup:

The Story of the Paideia Institute


Jason Pedicone, PH.D.

President and Co-Founder of the Paideia Institute


Since it's founding in 2011, the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, an independent non-profit organization promoting the study of Latin, Ancient Greek, and the classical humanities, has grown into an international organization with a multi-million dollar budget.  It now reaches thousands of students every year through its study abroad-programs, online classes, digital humanities, and outreach initiatives in the field of Classics.

In this presentation, the Institute's President and co-founder, Dr. Jason Pedicone, tells the story of the Paideia's conception and growth as a start-up company, arguing that social entrepreneur models can help keep the arts and humanities alive, relevant, and sustainable in a changing economy.

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