Summer Internship in Rome

June 7-July 18, 2020



The Paideia Institute’s Summer Humanities Internship is designed to give students with an interest in the classical humanities a real world work experience that allows them to develop marketable skills while making an impact on subjects they care about. Teams of interns work together in a modern, air-conditioned office in the Monteverde neighborhood in Rome to drive forward the Institute’s educational and outreach initiatives. Teams are led by graduate students and professionals with real-world expertise in team project areas.

The internship includes a weekly seminar with readings on topics that explore the role of the humanities in our lives beyond the academy, including the interaction between the humanities and the business world, the public sector and civic engagement, and personal fulfillment. The internship also arranges weekend trips to museums and cultural sites in and around the city of Rome.

Paideia seeks interns who are passionate about the humanities and thrive in a dynamic and independent working environment. Paideia program alumni are especially encouraged to apply. The application deadline is March 1, 2020.


Paideia is happy to announce that there is now no fee for participating in the internship, thanks to a generous grant.


Shared housing with other interns is available and recommended. The cost of Paideia housing is $1500 per person, but interns can find their own housing in Rome. Interns who do not use Paideia housing should share their housing plans with Paideia so that it can be approved for safety and convenience. 


There is a full scholarship available to participants with financial need. Please visit our scholarships page to learn more and apply. 

Internship Teams


The Outreach Interns work closely with the Institute's Outreach Manager and Curriculum Specialist on instructional design and curriculum development projects that help the Aequora program thrive. Interns in the Outreach Team explore intersections between the classical humanities and modern issues such as social inequality and public justice, while gaining experience designing K-12 curriculum and and communicating their Classics expertise to students of all ages and background.


The Development Interns collaborate closely with the Institute’s Development Officers and President to work on research projects that engage the Institute’s growing network of alumni and friends of the classical humanities and expand access to Latin and ancient Greek. Interns also gain experience working with Microsoft Office and data management systems.