Living Greek in Greece High School

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JULY 16TH - JULY 30TH, 2023


Living Greek in Greece High School offers an introduction to the Ancient Greek language in the rich cultural setting of modern Greece that is specifically designed for high school students. The program accommodates a range of language backgrounds: we welcome beginner participants who have not even learned the Greek alphabet, but we also offer linguistic enrichment for students who have had the equivalent of a year or more of college Greek. Students will encounter Ancient Greek texts from a wide range of times, places, and intellectual traditions, including the works of Homer, Plato, the New Testament, and the Byzantines.

Learning Ancient Greek can also help us understand and connect with other modern cultures, especially with Greeks today. For that reason, this program is committed to balancing time spent engaging with Ancient Greek language and exploring its continuing role in modern Greek food, music, and dance.

The program lasts for two weeks in July. It includes traditional classroom sessions, informal conversational Greek sessions, and interactive visits to many places and sites of ancient and modern significance: Athens, Corinth, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Olympia, and Delphi.


Students of all high school grade levels are encouraged to apply. No prior knowledge of Ancient Greek is necessary.


For the duration of the program, students and teachers live together in the center of Athens, and then in hotels in each Greek city they visit. Classes take place in high-quality facilities on or near the premises of residence, as well as on-site locales of historical significance. Students eat together daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals are provided either at our housing facility or at local restaurants.



An Institute staff member will chaperone a group flight from New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport to and from Athens. Students may also travel directly to Athens, where they will be met at the airport by Paideia staff.

Chaperoned transportation to Living Greek in Greece High School will also be arranged for students attending Living Latin in Rome High School just prior to the program's start.


The cost of Living Greek in Greece High School is $5000. This amount includes tuition, housing, meals, site visits, course materials, and transportation to and from Athens International airport. Airfare is not included.


The Paideia Institute is able to offer a number of full and partial scholarships to participants with financial need. Please visit our scholarships page to learn more. Scholarship applications received by the priority application deadline for the program (March 1, 2023) will receive fullest consideration.


The Paideia Institute will also be running an online intensive summer Greek program for high school students called Living Greek Online (High School). This is a separate program from the in-person program in Rome and follows a different curriculum. Details of the online summer program will be announced in January 2023.


For the highest chance of admission, please submit your completed application by the priority deadline of March 1, 2023. Applications received after March 1 will be considered on a rolling basis while space is available.


"Over the last two weeks, we visited the Acropolis, Mycenae, Olympia and a lot of other surreal ancient sites and museums. We read ancient poems, sang them in dactylic hexameter, had great local dishes, smashed and danced on broken plates like a Greek. You will meet amazing people here. Truly a once in a lifetime experience."

Minggang (Martin) Li '22

"Paideia is an absolutely necessary experience for students interested in the past. It is at once supremely educational while also remaining personal and relaxing. To say it was a valuable use of my time to come to the program would be a gross understatement."

Colin Olson '19

"I’ve been to Yale and Stanford summer camps as well as school trips to various places in Europe, but this trip has definitely been the best program I’ve ever experienced in my life!"

Louie '19