Living Latin Level 1

Lectio Undecima

Grammar: Imperfect, comparative


Lectio Decima

Grammar: Review of future tense, superlative

Lectio Nona

Grammar: Future tense of all conjugations

Lectio Octava

Grammar: future tense of esse and posse

Lectio Septima

Grammar: Genitive, Dative, overview of nouns and verbs

Topics: Professions, School

Lectio Sexta

Grammar: velim, conor, edo

Topics: school, food, modern words

Lectio Quinta

Grammar: Ablative, Accusative, uti, soleo

Topics: Home

Lectio Quarta

Grammar: Infinitives with possum

Topics: Ability, Languages

Lectio Tertia

Grammar: Numbers, Third Conjugation

Topics: Languages, Age, Names

Lectio Secunda

Grammar: First and second conjugations, to be

Topics: Greetings, important phrases