Living Latin Online High School: Juniores (Intermediate) Section 1

Living Latin Online High School: Juniores (Intermediate) Section 1

Living Latin Online High School is an intensive online Latin experience designed to improve high school students’ Latin reading ability by introducing them to the use of Latin as an active, spoken language. Second language acquisition research has proven that speaking and writing a language dramatically increases a student’s reading ability and familiarity with vocabulary and grammar. But Latin has traditionally been taught as a dead, read language. This program changes that, taking advantage of state-of-the-art curriculum materials, innovative pedagogy, and Latin-speaking experts to activate students’ Latin. Living Latin Online High School is a great way for Latin students to supercharge their Latin over the summer in preparation for advanced courses, standardized tests, or entering college.

This course is for students who have completed one or two years in high school Latin and want to improve their reading ability through active learning, including use of spoken Latin. The program includes extensive practice and work with texts of increasing length and complexity that review essential grammar and build upon it. Active engagement, conversations, games, skits, short projects, and puzzles work alongside these texts to build students' confidence with syntax and their fluency with high frequency vocabulary. This course is not recommended for students with extensive prior spoken Latin experience. 

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Nancy Vander Veer

Nancy Vander Veer has a BA in Classics from Samford University. She taught high school Latin in the US and held programs and fundraising roles at Paideia. Based in Marburg, Germany, she is currently completing a masters in European Social and Economic History at the Philipps-Universität Marburg.