The Quintilian Society

The Paideia Institute is proud to announce the Quintilian Society, a Legion Project initiative to revitalize the teaching and learning of Latin and ancient Greek in American high schools by supporting PhDs who choose to pursue a career in public secondary education.

The Quintilian Society exists to foster a community of scholar/teachers with advanced training in the classical languages and the humanities, to celebrate the service of scholars who have felt called to pursue a vocation as public servant, and to provide guidance and mentorship to current graduate students who are planning a career as a public high school Classics teacher.

The Quintilian Society consists of members (PhD holders who are currently teaching in the public system) and fellows (graduate students currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Classics or related fields and planning a career as a public high school teacher). Fellows receive guidance and mentorship from society members to help them navigate the state certification process, as well as financial support from the Paideia Institute to help cover the costs of their professional development. The society is currently accepting applications for its first class of fellows. The Quintilian Society seeks candidates with PhDs in any humanities discipline who desire to be Classics and humanities teachers. To download the application, please click here.

For more information on the Quintilian Society’s mission, please read this article by Francis R. Hittinger in our online journal, In Medias Res