Seneca: Moral Epistles

Course Description: Seneca is one of the most influential Roman writers for subsequent generations. His Moral Epistles are a distillation of Stoic philosophy, a description of life in Rome in the mid-first century AD, and a model of the prose essay, whose modern descendants include the newspaper opinion column, the blog post, and other short prose non-fiction works. Seneca's style is terse and charming and filled with pithy, quotable sayings.


Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Textbook: Seneca’s Moral Epistles. Anna Lydia Motto, 2007. (Available on Amazon)

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Wednesdays, 7pm U.S. Eastern Time


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David White

David J. White has a PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Florida and an MA from Penn. Since 2004 he has taught at Baylor University, where he is a Senior Lecturer in Classics. A former student of Fr. Reggie Foster, he is a frequent participant in the Conventiculum Lexintoniense and other spoken-Latin gatherings as well as the spoken-Greek Synodos. He served as President of CAMWS-Southern Section 2016-2018. From 2018-2022 he was the Latin Orator for the Classical Association of the Middle-West and South. He has taught Latin reading and conversation classes through Telepaideia since 2020.