Slow Greek


"Σπεῦδε Βραδέως"

Slow Greek publishes learning materials for the study of Modern Greek. The material covers every level from absolute beginner to advanced.

With the conviction that in language learning an appeal must be made first and foremost to the ears, every post is accompanied by an audio recording. The reader is advised first to make use of a browser-based dictionary like Transover to read each post, then to listen and reread until the audio can be understood without the text.

The material is suitable for every type of learner, but we especially encourage students of Ancient Greek to devote their energies to learning Modern Greek. In the thirty-four century history of Greek, the language has changed very little, especially when compared with similar changes in other languages (such as the single millennium which separates Beowulf from Modern English). Because of this, students of Classical Greek especially will find that their ability to read ancient authors is greatly facilitated by the acquisition of basic fluency in Modern Greek. 

This site's name was inspired by "slow" language learning sites like, and a recognition that similar resources were lacking for the study of Modern Greek.  However, it also alludes to the Slow Culture Movement, which advocates taking one's time to appreciate the beauty of cultural tradition.

The Slow Greek blog currently offers basic, intermediate, and advanced material in Modern Demotic Greek, as well as a course in καθαρεύουσα.

Each course costs $10 for a year of access.

The Slow Greek blog is edited by Ilias Kolokouris.