Continuing Students: Next Steps in Latin, Elementa Sequel

*Please note that this course will run only if two or more students enroll.

Course DescriptionThis class is for students who have finished the Elementa: Foundations in Latin workbook would like to continue in the curriculum. Elementa: Next Steps in Latin is the second volume in the series. 

Students will have the chance to explore the language, culture, and history of the ancient Romans. This course includes a quick review of previous material, but covers more intermediate Latin grammar and historical content. 


Level: This class is intended for students (2nd-8th grade) who have already completed two sessions of Elementa Online, or have completed the first workbook. It may also be appropriate for students who have taken a Latin course through a different channel. 

Textbook: Elementa: Next Steps in Latin; We will provide free access to a digital PDF of this textbook

Sections capped at: 8 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

Sundays, 8pm U.S. Eastern Time


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Bert Schewel

Bertram has been studying the Classical languages for over 14 years and has taught and tutored Latin at all levels. He earned his Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Fordham University in 2022, and currently serves as Academic Coordinator and Adjunct Professor of Classics at the College of Charleston.