Acts of the Apostles: Paul's Journeys

Course Description: Aside from its religious content, the Acts of the Apostles offers a fascinating account of geography, travel, customs, and life in the eastern Mediterranean in the mid first century AD, through the lens of Paul's Journeys. We will begin with Paul's story in ch. 12. Luke's Greek is considered some of the best and purest in the New Testament.


Level: Intermediate.

Textbook: The Acts of the Apostles: The Greek Text with Introduction and Commentary. Fredrick Fyvie Bruce, 1990. (Available on Amazon)

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Wednesdays, 8:00pm U.S. Eastern Time


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David White

David J. White has a PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Florida and an MA from Penn. Since 2004 he has taught at Baylor University, where he is a Senior Lecturer in Classics. A former student of Fr. Reggie Foster, he is a frequent participant in the Conventiculum Lexintoniense and other spoken-Latin gatherings as well as the spoken-Greek Synodos. He served as President of CAMWS-Southern Section 2016-2018. From 2018-2022 he was the Latin Orator for the Classical Association of the Middle-West and South. He has taught Latin reading and conversation classes through Telepaideia since 2020.