Our Publications


Paideia's publications make the Classics accessible to both classicists and non-classicists alike. Our contributions from Paideia staff and collaborating faculty, as well as the wider classics community people in the world of Classics. Our publications include Loci in Locis, a blog written by the Paideia Rome Fellows that blends Roman art history and archaeology with Latin and Greek texts. In December of 2015, Paideia will release its first IOS app, Delphin, a smart commentary app for smart phones and tablets.

Loci in Locis

As the name suggests, Loci in Locis connects historical sites, mostly in Rome, with Latin texts. Articles are written by Paideia's Rome Fellows, recent college graduates assisting in Paideia's programs. The blog seeks to provide information on lesser-known sites in Rome that Latin aficionados might not already be familiar with. The topics for articles are dependent on the Rome Fellows' personal interests; recent posts include "Ludovisi Gaul," "The Tomb-Crane Relief," and "The Fresco of Sisinnius and St. Clement."

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