Paideia's publications make the Classics accessible to both classicists and non-classicists alike.

Our contributions from Paideia staff and collaborating faculty, as well as the wider classics community people in the world of Classics. 

In Medias Res is an online magazine for lovers of the Classics, published by the Paideia Institute.

The Paideia Institute Press


The Paideia Institute Press publishes scholarly and pedagogical books related to the study of Latin and Greek language and literature.  We aim to make our books accessible, both in terms of content and price.

Paideia Media

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On the Paideia Institute Youtube Channel, you can find recordings (in Latin, Greek, and English) of lectures and events hosted by the Paideia Institute.

Loci in Locis

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Loci in Locis is a blog connecting historical sites, mostly in Rome, with Latin texts. Articles are written by Paideia's Rome Fellows, recent college graduates assisting in Paideia's programs.