Reginald Foster Scholarship Fund

Reginald Foster Scholarship Fund

About the Reginald Foster Fund

For over 30 years, Fr. Reginald Foster, a Carmelite Friar and Papal Latinist, taught generations of students to love the Latin language and the city of Rome in his summer Latin Rome program Aestiva Romae Latinitas.  Fr. Foster's summer program was always offered for free to allow as many students as possible to have the magic opportunity of studying Latin in Rome. To honor this tradition, the Paideia Institute has established the Reginald Foster Fund to offer scholarships to students seeking to participate in its own Latin programs.  The fund also provides support for teachers in Paideia programs, Paideia's Rome Fellowship, and for those who would like to intern at Paideia but cannot afford to do so on a volunteer basis.

Who Supports the Fund

The Reginald Foster Fund is supported by donations from friends, admirers and alumni of Fr. Foster.

To apply for the Reginald Foster Scholarship, please visit our scholarship application page.


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