Living Latin Online High School

Living Latin Online High School

Spoken Latin for High School Students

July 1, 2024 - July 12, 2024

Course Description

Living Latin Online High School is an intensive online Latin experience designed to improve high school students’ Latin reading ability by introducing them to the use of Latin as an active, spoken language. Second language acquisition research has proven that speaking and writing a language dramatically increases a student’s reading ability and familiarity with vocabulary and grammar, but Latin has traditionally been taught as a dead, read language. This program changes that, taking advantage of state-of-the-art curriculum materials, innovative pedagogy, and Latin-speaking experts to activate students’ Latin. Living Latin Online High School is a great way for Latin students to supercharge their Latin over the summer in preparation for advanced courses, standardized tests, or entering college.

This program is an online alternative to our in-person travel program: Living Latin in Rome (High School). Please visit this webpage if you are interested in traveling abroad in the summer of 2024.


Latin students with at least one year of Latin experience are welcome to apply to this program. Students will be grouped by experience level. If you are a complete beginner, please enroll in our ten-week summer beginner Latin course through Telepaideia. Enrollment information for the Telepaideia summer term will be available later this spring.

Platform and Scheduling

Sessions for Living Latin Online High School will be held over Zoom. A computer with a good internet connection, a headset, and a webcam are necessary to participate. 

The course will run from July 1st-July 12th, 2024. The program meets once a day for two hours, Monday to Friday, for a total of ten small-group sessions. Sections will be scheduled based on participants’ time zone and availability, so students from all over the world are welcome to apply. (Knowledge of English is expected for grammatical explanation and discussion.) Please indicate your availability when you register.


Book and Course Materials

The course will use The Paideia Institute’s new Living Latin self-paced online curriculum.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition for Living Latin Online High School is $1000. Tuition payments are non-refundable after the course enrollment deadline (May 1st). If we cannot find a time that meets the student's availability, we will issue a full refund.


The Paideia Institute is able to offer a number of full and partial scholarships to participants with financial need. Please visit our scholarships page to learn more. 



For any questions, please email [email protected]