Living Latin

Welcome to Living Latin in Rome – an immersive Latin curriculum – now online!


Living Latin offers beginner-level middle, high school, and college students a fun and rigorous pathway into the Latin language. No background in Latin is assumed: starting from the basics of reading comprehension, the learner will move through a novella, engaging with simple sentences to more complex narratives entirely in Latin. Living Latin in Rome is a digital version of our print textbook of the same name.

A new reading environment – uniquely designed for Latin learners

Our reading environment has been specially designed for Latin language learners. Students can click on any word in the text to instantly view its morphological information. New vocabulary and grammatical forms are clarified by images and simple Latin glosses. Morphology charts are easily accessible on each page of the novella, showing patterns of noun declensions, verb conjugations, and beyond. Additional charts become available as new concepts are introduced from chapter to chapter.

Engaging Grammar Lessons

Every chapter is accompanied by grammar lessons which introduce new language concepts through animated videos and textual narratives.; these in turn are recapitulated in writing. To aid in the retention of these concepts and practice their application, each grammar lesson includes a bite-size quiz.


An assessment also accompanies every chapter of the novella to measure student reading comprehension. After every five chapters, a larger summative assessment recapitulates and tests the learner’s command of the grammar introduced to them in previous chapters, ensuring that they have a solid conceptual foundation before moving on.

History and Culture – Beyond Ancient Rome

In addition to strengthening learners’ abilities to both read and write in Latin, a supplementary course of videos and articles attached to each chapter helps learners to deepen their knowledge of the ancient world by providing them with historical and cultural insight to topics discussed in the text.

Learning Latin in a Modern World

The Living Latin curriculum teaches vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension within the context of a fun and engaging novella. Its sleek and responsive user interface fits a rigorous course of complex grammar into an accessible and approachable package. No other course offers the same depth of engagement in the Latin language: Living Latin in Rome is setting the standard for Latin pedagogy.
What’s in this course?

  • 30 units, each comprising grammar lessons, Latin text, cultural articles, and quizzes
  • Easy-to-use digital interface
  • Clickable vocabulary, as well as written and visual word glosses
  • Digitized morphology tables
  • Comprehensive video course with engaging animated grammar lessons
  • Quizzes to test Latin reading comprehension and application of grammatical concepts
  • 6 comprehensive assessments
  • Thorough data reporting for teachers to keep track of student progress

Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be able to:

  • Fluently read ancient and contemporary texts exclusively in Latin
  • Confidently form verbs and nouns in all conjugations and declensions
  • Command a vocabulary of the 1000+ most common Latin words, according to the Dickinson College Commentaries Core Vocabulary list
  • Recall complex and idiomatic Latin phrases
  • [Something emphasizing acquaintance learners will gain with history and culture]

The Living Latin in Rome Curriculum

The Living Latin in Rome textbook includes thirty units. Each unit comprises four main components:

  • Grammatical lessons
  • Narrative text in Latin
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Videos and articles exploring the history and culture of the Latin language


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