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A New Way to Learn

Welcome to the Paideia Institute’s Elementa© curriculum! Elementa offers elementary and middle schools the opportunity to incorporate Latin into literacy instruction. Active learning materials and scripted lessons make the Elementa curriculum fun, engaging, and simple to use.

Through Elementa, we teach the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary in such a way that Latin provides students with the tools to improve their mastery of English and Spanish (and other languages!), but an equally crucial goal of the curriculum is to expose students to Roman culture and inspire their curiosity for the ancient world at large. Elementa can be used by teachers of all backgrounds regardless of their previous experience with Latin.




A student textbook emphasizing the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary in such a way that provides students with tools to improve their language skills. An equally crucial goal of the textbook is to expose students to Roman culture, inspiring their curiosity for the ancient world.


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A consumable workbook for students, with extra space for notes, blanks for student responses, and additional interactive exercises.


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150+ scripted and structured lesson plans and activity ideas! Lessons are flexible for once a week with core material or daily implementation with extension lessons.


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Materials to accompany the Teacher’s Manual lessons. The Materials include premade cards and visuals for engaging activities, student handouts, interactive worksheets, graphic organizers, and assessments.


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Audio-visual resources, slides, and videos to accompany 150+ core and extension lessons.

Digital content is currently available for Units 1-6. Additional content to cover all units is under construction and will be fully available in January 2020. You can purchase access and start using these resources now for an introductory price of $125 for the year - this discount may not last long as we complete content and develop new features!

$125 discount price / annual subscription             Available now! Content is updated each year

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