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About the Paideia Institute Press

The Paideia Institute Press publishes scholarly and pedagogical books related to the study of Latin and Greek language and literature.  We aim to make our books accessible, both in terms of content and price.  All profits earned from books published with the Paideia press will go to support Paideia's educational programming in Latin and Greek.

Mission Statement

We believe scholarship should balance erudition and accessibility. Our mission at the Paideia Institute Press is to publish works that meet a rigorous scholarly standard while remaining readable and even entertaining; with Cicero we describe them as multis luminibus ingeni, multae tamen artis. We aim to reach new audiences and expand our readers’ knowledge of the Greek and Roman worlds through high-quality, interesting, and accessible works.

Our Books 

John Milton's The Book of Elegies - Translated by A. M. Juster

"Emily Wilson, the noted translator of The Odyssey, has written that “A.M. Juster’s translation of Milton’s elegiac verse, rendered in elegant English elegiacs, provides Latin-less readers with a readable, accurate, metrical rendering of this important and undeservedly neglected set of poems, accompanied by useful notes and introduction. By writing these poems, the young John Milton defined himself as a master of Latin verse form, but also explored love, friendship, poetics, obedience and revolution, in ways that are related to, but fascinatingly different from, his later English-language poetry. Juster makes the young Milton live again, in a fresh and contemporary idiom.”Juster is also the translator of Horace’s Satires (University of Pennsylvania Press 2008), Tibullus’ Elegies (Oxford University Press 2012), Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles (University of Toronto Press 2016) and The Elegies of Maximianus (University of Pennsylvania Press 2018). His poems and translations have won many top awards, and appeared in such journals as Poetry, Hudson Review, Paris Review, Arion and Rattle." 

All profits from the sale of this book will go to benefit the Reginald Foster Scholarship Fund. Available for purchase on Amazon


Quasi Labor Intus: Ambiguity in Latin Literature
Papers in Honor of Fr. Reginald Foster, O.C.D. 
By Michael Fontaine, Charles McNamara, and William Short

"For forty years, American priest and friar Reginald Foster, O.C.D., worked in the Latin Letters office of the Roman Curia’s Secretary of State in Vatican City. As Latinist of four popes, he soon emerged as an internationally recognized authority on the Latin language—some have said, the internationally recognized authority, consulted by scholars, priests, and laymen worldwide. In 1986, he began teaching an annual summer Latin course that attracted advanced students and professors from around the globe. This volume gathers contributions from some of his many students in honor of his enduring influence and achievements. Its chapters explore a wide range of linguistic and literary evidence from antiquity to the present day in a variety of theoretical perspectives. If the motivation for putting together this collection has been to reflect (and reflect upon) Foster’s influences on Latin scholarship and pedagogy, its title alludes—via the medieval folk etymology of the word labyrinthus (“quasi labor intus”)—to its theme: ambiguity in Latin literature."

All profits from the sale of this book will go to benefit the Reginald Foster Scholarship Fund. Available for purchase on Amazon.


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