The Paideia Institute is committed to expanding access to the classical humanities and to building and supporting a network of individuals who care deeply about ancient languages, literature, history, and art.

Paideia's outreach initiatives fall into three main categories: Teaching Literacy with Latin, Careers for Classicists, and Publications.


Teaching Literacy with Latin


The Paideia Institute works closely with schools and community centers to introduce students to ancient languages, history, and culture in a fun and accessible way. The goals of our literacy-with-Latin programs are to expand access to Greek and Latin education and to harness the power of Classical language instruction to improve literacy outcomes. Our Teaching Literacy with Latin initiatives include Aequora and Elementa.


Careers for Classicists


In an effort to change the conversation around Classics and career outcomes, we have launched a variety of career networking initiatives for Classics degree holders working outside of academia. Visit our webpage to learn more.




Paideia's publications make the Classics accessible to both classicists and non-classicists alike. Our contributions from Paideia staff and collaborating faculty, as well as the wider classics community people in the world of Classics. Visit our webpage to learn more.