The Paideia Institute is committed to expanding access to the classical humanities and to building and supporting a network of individuals who care deeply about ancient languages, literature, history, and art.

Paideia's Outreach INITIATIVES



Aequora is the Paideia Institute's primary outreach initiative. Through Aequora, the Paideia Institute brings Latin into community centers and schools to introduce young students to the beauty of the Latin language. An experienced graduate student or high school teacher coordinates each Aequora site. A large corps of volunteers composed of Latin enthusiasts at all levels, from high school students to professionals, assist the site coordinators each week. 

If you are interested in volunteering at an existing site, you can explore our sites by region and fill out the Volunteer form below. If you are interested in starting an Aequora site in your community or learning more about the program, read the Eidolon article about Aequora or contact us.  


The Legion Project 

The Legion Project is an outreach campaign to connect classicists working outside of academia. Visit our Legion webpage for a directory of Legionnaires, designed to be a resource for undergraduates, graduate students, and anyone else interested in the broad applications of a classical education across numerous careers.

To learn more about the Legion Project, read the Eidolon article that announced it or contact us.