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Travel Programs

For High Schoolers and Adults

The Paideia Institute currently operates six independent programs in Europe. In our Living Latin and Greek programs participants read Greek and Latin texts, visit beautiful historical settings connected to those texts, and practice speaking Greek and Latin as living languages. 

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What People Are Saying

"It wasn’t until the third day that it all just clicked. This elusive ‘it’ is hard to define, but I think it’s something like ‘the big picture.’ It’s the reason why we were here in Rome and not back in New York. It happened when we were in a bath house at Ostia. After the now familiar translation session, we sang a song together. That was when it all dawned upon me. Here I was, singing a song in the very same chamber that must have once held its very own author some 1500 years ago. That moment was the start of everything. From then on, I was a part of it all, not an idle spectator. I was living in it, not just reading about it." - Ralph Vente '16

"Paideia opened up an entirely new way of thinking about and exploring Rome. Through the lens of the Latin language and Roman history, I was able to decipher a part of Rome that had been previously inaccessible. The Latin texts I'd read in my classroom and the ones we read every morning gained meaning at each of the sites we visited and truly brought the city to life. This access to the city of Rome, combined with our morning Latin sessions, which were conducted completely in Latin by the end of the program, gave me a love for and understanding of Latin that I will build upon for the rest of my life and made Paideia a truly unique and valuable experience." - Amelia O'Donahue '15

"Paideia resurrected the ancient ruins, and they became colorful, vivacious, and fascinating. The stones of the Forum and the Via Appia spoke not of historical events only, but of us, as humans. Walking along the road like an average Roman would have done thousands of years before really instilled in me a sense of connection, that Latin and history isn’t about memorizing facts, vocab, and tables, but for connecting with those before us, those living in the present, and those who will come after us." - Andrew Biondo '15

"My time in Rome was honestly amazing. It was everything I expected it would be and more. I learned so much from my instructors and my fellow peers. I studied the works of Ovid, Horace, Virgil, Suetonius and many more. I established great friendships along the way. This experience was life-changing, and I'm so grateful to have been awarded the chance to stay in Rome." - Stephanie Dinsae '14