Redux Books


Introducing Redux Books, a Pop Up Bookstore specializing in used Classics books operated by the Paideia Institute.  E-tail has killed the book industry and we think this is a shame. Digital media is great, but there's something special about the physical copy of a book, especially when it was once owned by a scholar. Unfortunately, Classics books often don't survive in the new Amazon economy. Therefore, we are creating a new bookseller designed to bring high quality used books to places Classicists frequent.  You'll find a Redux booth at this year's SCS conference, and soon you'll also be able to browse our collection online. All proceeds from Redux books go to benefit the students of the Paideia Institute's outreach programs.



Retiring scholars or bibliophiles looking to downsize their collections are encouraged to consider donating them to Redux books.  Operated by the Paideia Institute, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, all book donations will be treated as in kind charitable donations and will be tax deductible.  Furthermore, since Redux is operated by classicists for classics, scholars can be sure that their treasured libraries will be redirected into the hands of the next generation of scholars. To donate part of your library to Redux, please contact

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