Online Lectures

Online Lectures

2/9: Biopolitics In Ancient Thought

1/14: Horace And Why Wine Matters

12/9: Land Expropriation In Ancient Rome And Contemporary Zimbabwe: Veterans, Masculinity And War

3/22: Rewriting the Dead, or, What We Talk about When We Talk About Adaptation

2/26: What Can Ancient Literature Teach Us About Coping with Trauma?

1/29: The Battle of the Classics & the State of the Humanities Today

12/14: The New Golden Age of Oral Historical Storytelling

12/4: Learning Latin in Retirement

11/14: Active Latin for Today's Learners

10/16: Antique Speech in Modern Mouths

9/14: Imperialism, Globalization, & the Classics

8/31: Women and Music in the Middle Ages

8/14: Classics in the Age of Louis XIV

5/22: Virtual Field Trips to Ancient Rome and Beyond


4/24: Hadrian's Wall: The Edge of Empire


4/3: Discovering a Lost Classic During the Renaissance


2/28: Palindromes in English and Latin