Technology in the Sailing of Ulysses

Technology in the Sailing of Ulysses

Event Description

Theodossios Tassios: Technology in the Sailing of Ulysses

The presentation begins with a reference to the technology of the Olympian Gods, in order to show the Greek tribes’ technophilia since pre-historic times. There follows a description of technological events occurring during Ulysses’ adventures. Several technical details are presented regarding Ulysses’ ship-building before his departure from the island of Calypso. Then, upon his arrival on the island of the Phaeaceans and his encounter with Nausika, the cleansing capacity of the water of an eddying river is scientifically explained, and the robotic properties of the Phaeacean ships described. The next episode takes place in the Cyclop Polyphemus’ cave. First, the inebriating capacity of Ulysses’ honey-sweet red wine is questioned. Subsequently, the scene of Polyphemus’ blinding reveals the Greeks’ knowledge regarding the tempering or iron. The presentation concludes with a detailed explanation of Circe’s kind instructions to Ulysses on how to escape Scylla and Harybdis during his navigation. All of the above examples point to Homer’s considerable scientific knowledge.

N.B. - You can view a recording of this, and other past events on Paideia's Youtube Channel.

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Feb 18, 2024 at 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM EST

Hybrid Online/NYC

Guest Speaker