Aequora at Crocker College Prep


The Crocker College Prep Aequora site is the first Aequora site in New Orleans, and is staffed by Tulane University undergraduates who enroll in advanced Latin reading courses that include a service-learning component. As part of their service-learning course, the undergraduates write weekly reflection journals that require them to think critically about their own Latin education, the Aequora pedagogy, and the public education in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Aequora is a K-8 curriculum focusing on literacy education via Latin. Led by independent site-coordinators, Aequora has expanded to over 30 sites in 12 states. At Lafayette Academy, we have chosen Aequora because we believe in the benefits of a classical education. Through The Paideia Institute's Aequora curriculum, Tulane University volunteers harness the classical languages’ power to improve literacy while making the ancient Mediterranean world fun and accessible to students of all backgrounds. To support Aequora, please use the button below.

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At Crocker College Prep, we work with about a dozen fourth and fifth graders in weekly after-school enrichment sessions, using the Aequora curriculum to introduce them to the Latin language, Roman culture, and mythology. Each week, 1-2 Tulane students lead the Crocker students in vocabulary games, mini-lectures, etymology drills, and skits. Tulane and Crocker students alike love the Romulus and Remus skit, the Minotaur puppet show, and Latin Jeopardy (“Quid est…?”). If you are interested in helping out with Aequora at our site, please click on the volunteer button below.



Our site coordinator, Mallory Monaco Caterine, is a Professor of Practice in Tulane's Department of Classical Studies, where she has been teaching for five years. At Tulane, every undergraduate needs to complete a two-tiered service-learning requirement, involving one service-learning course in the first two years of matriculation, and another course or internship in the junior or senior year. At Tulane’s Department of Classical Studies, Aequora offers an opportunity to develop new service-learning courses as a way to entice more students to continue on with Latin at the advanced level.