Aequora Summer Grants

Teach Latin in Your Community

Aequora Summer Grants support high school students to organize a short summer Latin camp in their community or online using the Aequora curriculum.

Aequora summer sites are centered around fun and engaging lessons introducing children to the language and culture of the ancient Roman world. Like our school-year program, Aequora summer sites are best suited for elementary and middle school students. Aequora summer camps may be created at local libraries and community centers, run in school summer programs, or even hosted online with our Aequora digital resources.

Grantees will be responsible for setting up and organizing their Aequora summer camp, and the grant will help them defray the costs of publicity, instructional materials, and refreshments. The Paideia Institute will provide grantees with full access to the curriculum and offer training to help them plan their summer lessons.

To apply for an Aequora Summer Grant, please click on the button below. 10 grants of up to $100 each will be available, and the application deadline is May 1st, 2022. For further information, contact us. We look forward to working together to expand access to Latin!