Legion Project Bridge Program


The Paideia Institute’s Legion Project is proud to announce the second edition of the Bridge Program, a career placement initiative that advises and supports classicists as they seek to transition to fulfilling careers beyond the professoriate. The goal of the Bridge program is to set Classics PhDs onto a strong footing into non-academic careers through mentoring and networking.

The Paideia Institute has gathered a large network of accomplished professionals in numerous fields, including more than 60 Legionnaires, who are sympathetic to the difficult employment situation facing many classicists today. The Bridge Program serves to connect successful applicants with this network as they begin looking for employment outside of the academic world. Members of the Legion Project community will act as mentors and coaches to guide the candidates towards an effective job hunt in the non-academic field of their choice.

In order to apply, please email a current CV and a letter of interest (cover letter) to [email protected]. Your letter should address your motivation for transitioning to non-academic employment, identify any non-academic industries that particularly interest you, and demonstrate any skills that would be applicable to that field.

N.B. Enrollment in the Bridge Program is not a guarantee of employment, but it will connect you with experienced professionals who understand your situation and want to try to help you succeed. Participation in the Bridge Program will be kept confidential.

Applications for the 2019-20 edition of the Bridge Program are now closed. Paideia Institute staff will conduct informational interviews via online meeting platforms.



"The program was helpful, eye-opening, and inspiring. [...] I think the network that the Paideia Institute provides is incredibly useful."

"The Bridge Program has been an eye-opening and encouraging experience. I've been able to talk with several established professionals who share a love of Classics but also realize the discipline's applicability outside the academy. This networking has allowed me to explore unique careers in various fields that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. And I'm excited to keep exploring my career options through the program as I finish up my PhD."

"Overall it's been a very informative experience and I feel energized to continue my job search as I finish up my PhD."

"After a conversation with leading members of the Paideia Institute during the SCS Annual Meeting, I was straightaway put in touch with several professionals who have successfully built a career outside of academia after earning a doctoral degree in the Classics. I thus enjoyed the opportunity to speak with a variety of classicists who are now working in boutique consulting firms, running advertising and marketing agencies, designing online courses and teaching programs for private companies, or (even!) developing the languages of artificial intelligence in the Silicon Valley. These people helped me to rethink my previous experience as an academic in more business-oriented terms. With their help I managed to write a much more appealing resume than the one I initially wrote on my own. I was also able to perfect my cover letters and learn useful techniques to become a more competitive, more appealing candidate on the job-market scene. I also learned what kind of positions I should be especially looking for based on my background and training, and in this way I was able to narrow my search and target more specific areas of interest."



Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.