Caesar in Gaul

Not offered in Summer 2020

Program Description

Caesar in Gaul is a two-week seminar designed to enhance participants’ appreciation of Julius Caesar and the Bellum Gallicum. Developed specifically with the new AP curriculum in mind, the program includes lectures and seminars led by top scholars who are reshaping the field of Caesar studies today, as well as visits to key sites of the Gallic Wars and other important monuments of Gallo-Roman culture. The first week of the program, focusing on Caesar as a man of letters and the monuments of the Roman provincia, takes place in Aix-en-Provence. In the second week, participants will travel to Lyon and Burgundy for a closer look at Gallic Culture and battle sites from the Bellum Gallicum.


This program is designed with high-school teachers of the AP curriculum in mind, but any interested reader of Caesar is welcome to apply. Professional development credit is available upon request.

Accommodation and Classrooms

Participants are housed in hotel rooms shared with another participant. Single rooms may be available at an increased cost. A welcome and departure dinner in Paris is included in the cost of tuition. Lectures and seminars will be held in conference centers in Aix-en-Provence and Lyon or on site.

For information on accommodation click here.

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    In Aix en Provence, Caesar in Gaul takes place in a spa hotel built into the city's Medieval wall, and fed by the same hot spring the fed the ancient Roman baths of Aquae Sextiae.
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    Classes take place in state of the art confierence rooms.
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    Caesar in Gaul also includes stays in beautiful hotels in the characteristic French regions of Lyon and Burgundy.

Caesar In Gaul Staff


Participants should plan to fly in and out of Paris. All transportation within France is included.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of Caesar in Gaul is $3500. This amount includes tuition, housing, site visits, course materials, ground transportation within France and some meals. Airfare is not included.

The Paideia Institute is able to offer a number of full and partial scholarship to students with financial need. Please visit our scholarships page to learn more.

Academic Credit

Academic graduate credit is available for Caesar in Gaul on an optional basis through Hunter College. Participants taking Caesar in Gaul for credit must enroll as non-degree graduate students at Hunter College, take a final exam and pay a slightly increased tuition to cover Hunter College graduate tuition and fees. The total cost of program participation for non-residents of New York State seeking Hunter College credit is $4640. The total cost for New York residents is $3515. There is an additional $125 application fee for the Hunter graduate school. 

All participants seeking credit should indicate this on their application. The Paideia Institute will support participants admitted to Caesar in Gaul through the Hunter College application and enrollment process.



For a supplemental fee, the Paideia Institute will organize daycare for children of participants during class sessions and trips upon request.

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"Caesar in Gaul was everything I hoped and more. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this program: the classes were informative and enjoyable, the field trips were helpful and fun, the staff and teachers were friendly and helpful, the food was AMAZING, and the hotels were perfect. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to be amongst peers to learn more about Caesar and Roman culture in general in Gaul. I highly recommend this program to anyone who loves learning, traveling, good food and people, and improving your craft."

Kelsie Fralick '19


"Caesar in Gaul enriched my understanding of Caesar's Latin, not only in its style and form, but also regarding the most current scholarship about Caesar. The trip deepened my appreciation of Gallo-Roman culture, and introduced me to new and exciting parts of France, both ancient and modern."

Joe Watkins '19


"Caesar in Gaul is a rare program in which Caesar's commentarii that most students, and often instructors, dread come alive through expert instruction as well as geographical and historical contextualization. Never before have I read or understood Caesar as a general, an author, or a Roman as well as I have come to through this program. Of all of my education and experience, this is what has best prepared me to teach the AP curriculum."

Andrew Morehouse '16


"The program radically changed my perception of teaching Caesar's work and made me excited to share him with my students. By providing a wealth of relevant resources and the time to explore them, the Paideia Institute equipped me to present the wars in Gaul as a human struggle and Caesar's Commentaries as a way to shape how Romans saw that struggle. Our students are surrounded by competing messages that don't always "play fair"; they deserve to understand how to level that field of propaganda by deconstructing the work of a master."

Katie Schuhl '15


"Caesar in Gaul was an amazing experience. To study Caesar in situ with like-minded teachers, to be instructed by two leading scholars (Chris Krebs and Luca Grillo), to be led by two experienced and motivated guides (Jason and Eric), and to explore key historical sites at a steady yet relaxed pace---all of these formed an unforgettable and inspiring experience. I will return to the classroom a better informed and more effective teacher."

David Cox, '15


"The ideal mix of academic discussions and downtime in beautiful settings across France provided the opportunity to appreciate Caesar's skill as an author as well as to learn from other Latin teachers. By the end of the program, I found myself eager to read of and about Caesar, an outcome I never thought possible. I returned from Caesar in Gaul energized as both a scholar and a teacher. I can't recommend it enough."

Matt McAuliffe '15