Convivia are intimate gatherings for Paideia alumni with outstanding scholars from the nation's best universities. Each convivium is hosted by an alumnus/a and his or her family and includes a lecture and discussion session with the guest followed by brunch. Convivia are designed to help build the Paideia community and to foster a community in the field of classics from the high school through the university level. The Convivia series is organized by Paideia's Alumni Board. 

Convivium Paideianum

Sunday March 11, 2018

Guest Speaker, Professor Joseph Howley

Paideia alumni are invited to the Convivium Paideianum with guest speaker, Professor Joseph Howley. 

cs-howley.jpgJoseph Howley is assistant professor of Classics at Columbia University. Previously, in 2010-11, he was Teaching Fellow in Latin and Classics Studies in the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he also earned a PhD in Latin (2011) and an M. Litt in Ancient History (2007). His primary interests are the intellectual culture of the Roman Empire and values of learning and knowledge more generally in antiquity.

Prof. Howley will present a lecture titled "Slaves of the book": the production, circulation and consumption of books in ancient Rome depended in part on skilled, enslaved labor. This talk will consider what we know about this practice and will look at some of our sparse evidence for how elite Romans understood the role of slavery in their literary culture.


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