Ekkehard of St Gall Waltharius

NB This course starts on Friday July 21st and will meet weekly for ten weeks until September 29th.

Course Description: The most important (mock) epic in Latin hexameters of the early Middle Ages, Ekkehard of St Gall’s Waltharius tells the story, widely attested in Germanic literature, of Walter of Aquitaine, his beloved Hiltgund, and their friend Hagen’s adventures at the court of Attila the Hun and return to the west. Told with a real sense of humour and drama, this work also displays the author’s full command of sources including Virgil’s Aeneid, the Bible, Prudentius’ Psychomachia, and other key texts. This is a continuation of a course that continued reading the Liber Secundus of this work in the spring 2023 term.


Level: Intermediate to Advanced Latin reading.

Textbook: Instructor will provide materials

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

Thursdays, 6pm EDT

Price: $250.00

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John Weretka

John holds undergraduate and graduate qualifications in musicology, medieval history, art history, theology, and Latin, and is currently a doctoral student, engaged in a translation of and commentary on Sicard of Cremona's De Mitrale. He works in the early music stream of the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and is the convenor of the University's Medieval Latin Reading Group. He has taught medieval texts, including Donizo's Vita Matilidis and Bede's Historia, for the Paideia Institute since early 2021.