Latin Pedagogy Seminar

Latin Pedagogy Seminar


Latin Pedagogy Seminar Course Description

This one-year course is devoted to training aspiring Latin teachers in the methods and principles of the Paideia Institute’s Latin courses. Applicants should hold a B.A. in classics or related fields and be considering or seeking a career in Latin education. Topics covered will include the use of active oral production of Latin vs. traditional grammar-translation methods, the state of research into second-language acquisition and how this information can be applied to the teaching of classical languages, the history of the Latin language after the classical period and how later texts and reception of classical texts can illuminate teaching practices, and the practice of linking of texts and places to generate student enthusiasm and drive.

The course takes place in Rome, Italy. It involves twenty hours a week of class and instructional time. Some of the instruction is given in the classroom at the Paideia Institute’s Rome office, and some in field work during Paideia’s Latin classes and educational tours.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for teachers who require them.


The course takes place over two semesters during the academic year and one summer session. The fall semester runs September 15 to December 22; the spring semester from March 1 to June 1, and the summer session runs from June 8 to July 15. Students may start the course either semester, participating in the course either from September 15 to July 15 (fall - spring - summer model) or March 1 to December 22 (spring - summer - fall model).

Cost & Scholarships

The Latin Pedagogy Seminar costs $8,400 for the year.

Scholarships are available for especially deserving candidates.


Applicants should fill out the online application form below and submit a letter of recommendation to [email protected].