Lucian: Lucius The Ass

Lucian: Lucius The Ass

Course Description: Lucius The Ass is a comedic, satirical text that tells the story of a man who is turned into a donkey. The story is told from Lucius’ perspective as he experiences his transformation, undergoes a series of (mis)adventures as a donkey, and eventually is restored to human form. Additionally, it gives us a view into the life of the lower classes in the Roman Empire. The surviving text is a summary of Lucian’s original, which inspired Apuleius’ more famous The Golden Ass.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced reading level in Greek.

Textbook: Instructor will provide materials.

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

Mondays, 9:00-10:00p.m. U.S. Eastern Time


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Emily Jusino

Emily Jusino holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Chicago. She has been a professor at Duke University and the University of Rochester. She currently works for a major non-profit in Washington, DC.