NYC Classical Day Tours


Bringing the Classics to Life in New York City

The Paideia Institute works with high schools and colleges to design high-quality, day-long Classical Tours in New York City. Paideia works with teachers to create in situ learning experiences using the rich cultural fabric of New York City, all at a fraction of the price of a study abroad trip to Europe. As with all Paideia Classical Tours, Paideia handles everything from transportation and logistical support to curriculum design and guiding, allowing teachers to concentrate on teaching and enjoying their time with students.  

Logistical Support

Paideia handles all aspects of planning and organization so teachers can concentrate on teaching and enjoying their time with students.  Available support includes museum entrances, classroom rental, chaperoning, expert guiding, and food.  

Curriculum Design, Guiding, and Teaching Assistance

What makes Paideia Classical Tours unique is the care we take in designing itineraries that integrate history, language, and literature with the sites we visit. Paideia staff works with teachers to ensure that their itinerary is closely integrated with their curriculum and their individual interests. This includes the development of activities that pair ancient literature with the sites we visit. Our goal is to give your students unforgettable experiences that make them fall in love with the ancient world and the classical tradition.

A typical itinerary might include the following:

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