The Alpheios Project

The Paideia Institute is proud to partner with The Alpheios ProjectAlpheios is a non-profit organization dedicated to building open source software for studying the world's classical languages and literatures. Alpheios currently supports Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic and Persian.  Support for Ancient Chinese is under development and will be released early in 2020. Alpheios is available both as a browser extension for desktop devices and as a reading environment for mobile devices. With its intuitive interface, Alpheios gives you access to dozens of online resources with just one click.

Alpheios and Paideia share the belief that the study of classical languages and literatures should be made available and accessible to everyone. Alpheios is completely free and Paideia is contributing to Alpheios' non-profit mission by raising awareness of the tools they provide. Wherever you are, and whichever of the world's classical languages you study, we encourage you to take advantage of these free resources.

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