The Paideia Institute's
10th Anniversary Gala



In 2010, the Paideia Institute was founded with the goal of offering students experiences that would transform their relationship with classical languages and texts. In the summer of 2011, a group of just 17 came to Italy with us for the first year of "Living Latin in Rome."

This year, more than 150 students came on our European language programs, and nearly 400 enrolled in our online "Telepaideia" courses. Our Aequora and Elementa literacy programs this year reached almost 750 elementary- and middle-school students at 56 different sites, and our Nexus and Legion communities now include more than 250 Classics BAs and PhDs who are reconnecting to Latin and Greek outside of their professional careers. We are proud to be bringing the classical humanities to more people, in more places, and in more ways, than ever before.

This coming May, our gala will look back through the years at the journey Paideia has taken to get here. Join us for a celebratory dinner in New York and hear from students and teachers whose lives have been touched by our unique approach to understanding the ancient world.

About The Paideia Institute

The Paideia Institute seeks to promote the study of the classical humanities through a variety of programs in education, community outreach, and support for alternative-academic careers. We work to spur grassroots interest in primary schools, offer unique study opportunities for high school and college students, support the professional development of graduate students and recipients of advanced degrees, and provide opportunities for non-academics to engage with Classics alongside their professional lives. In 2015, the Society for Classical Studies, the principal learned society for the study of Classics in North America, honored Paideia with its President’s Award, one of the highest honors in the field, citing our work in “significantly advancing public appreciation and awareness of classical antiquity.” All proceeds from the 2020 gala will go to support the operations of the Institute.



Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Paideia Institute gala has been postponed indefinitely. We hope to announce more information in the coming months.