Living Latin in Paris Admission Information


You have been accepted to participate in Living Latin in Paris. We are very much looking forward to helping you develop your knowledge of Medieval and Renaissance Latin while also getting to know you in the amazing city of Paris this winter.

This course will focus on a variety of texts from the Medieval and Renaissance period. It aims to introduce participants to a period of Latin literature which is marked by both continuities and differences. In the later Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, particularly in the 13th-century, Paris was one of the most important intellectual centers of Europe. We will read and discuss texts written by authors active in Paris. As is usual for Paideia programs, we will also be reading texts linked to Medieval and Renaissance sites in situ, as well as speaking Latin both on site and in the classroom.

Before the course begins, we need some things from you. The following deadlines apply for the payment of your deposit of $500 and your remaining balance. The deposit confirms your participation and guarantees your spot in the course. Please note that the deposit is not refundable if you decide to withdraw from the program. 



The Paideia Institute will provide you with a course packet with all necessary readings and assignments in order to facilitate classroom discussions. If you are looking to do some reading on Medieval history before you arrive, we recommend either William Chester Jordan’s Europe in the High Middle Ages (available on Amazon here) or the shorter, more lively Penguin Illustrated Atlas of Medieval History (some copies available here).


We request that all participants bring a copy of Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar. It is available on Amazon here.


All participants should bring a good Latin dictionary.  The best (and lightest) free Latin dictionary available is the University of Chicago’s Logeion, which is available as a free app for both Apple and Android devices. 

John Traupman’s The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary is a handy, pocket-sized dictionary with a good English-to-Latin section. Perfect for throwing in your bag and bringing on-site. Buy it on Amazon here.

John Traupman’s Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency is an excellent resource for learning to speak authentic, idiomatically correct Latin, organized by theme. It will prove helpful in our informal conversational Latin sessions.It is available on Amazon here.


Paris is cold in the winter. It may rain or snow while we are there. Clothes that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable while outside for long periods of time are essential. Please also bring good, strong walking shoes. Since our course takes place over New Year’s Eve, you might also decide to bring one formal outfit for going out.


The Hotel Marignan is equipped with wireless Internet. For emergencies, the cell phone numbers of Paideia staff will be made available to participants closer to the start of the trip.


Medical care in France is first rate. All participants must have their own health insurance covering them internationally during the full duration of their time in France. The Paideia Institute recommends Travel Guard for travel insurance for this trip. Please visit Travel Guard's site here. Please contact Travel Guard at 866-385-4839 with any questions.

If you are taking medication, be sure to bring enough for your entire stay. There are well-stocked pharmacies in Paris, but not all drugs are readily accessible without a prescription and it is better to bring your own supplies.

If you have a medical condition that could affect your ability to participate, we strongly urge you to share that condition with your instructors so that in the event of a medical issue they can most quickly and efficiently arrange your care. All such information will be held in the strictest confidence.

To participate in the program, you must be vaccinated against Covid-19.


U.S. Citizens do not need to apply for a visa to participate in this program, though you will need a passport. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date. If you do not have a passport, you should begin the application process as soon as possible, as it can be a lengthy process. Students who are not U.S. citizens may need a visa. To determine your visa requirements, please refer to the nearest Italian Consulate's website. 


In the morning, students visit sites in and nearby the city of Paris that are connected to the texts they discussed in seminars. Site visits feature active-Latin pedagogy, allowing students the opportunity to practice spoken Latin. 

During afternoon seminars, students read and discuss selections of Latin literature with special connections to the city of Paris. The seminars provide further opportunities for students to practice speaking Latin, to review grammatical concepts as necessary, and to discuss philosophical, historical, and literary questions raised by the texts they read.

Below is a sample of text and site pairings from past programs. This list may change for this year's program, and is merely intended to give an idea of how texts are paired with sites.

Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Venantius Fortunatus (500-600) Vita Santi Germani Urbis Parisiacae Episcopi
Gregorius Turonensis (538-594) Historia Francorum

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis
Abbas Sugerius (1081-1151) De Rebus in Administratione Sua Gestis

Père Lachaise Cemetery
Petrus Abaelardus (1079-1142) Epistola ad Heloysam
Heloysa (ca. 1100-1160) Epistula ad Abelardum

Bernardus (1090-1153) De contemptione mundi
Hieronymus (347-429) Prologus in biblia sacra
Ambrosius (340-397) De mysteriis
Hermanus Contractus (1013-1054) Salve Regina
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Summa Theologica
Isidorus Hispaniensis (560-636) Sententiae
Thomas à Kempis (c. 1380-1471) De imitatione Christi

Forms and Payment

Enrollment Form

Please complete the following enrollment form by October 15:

Enrollment Form


Participants are expected to arrive in Paris on December 27 and make their own way to their accommodation. Please try to arrive in time for the walking tour, which starts at 2pm at the Place du Panthéon. Students must depart on January 3.

Please fill out this online form with your arrival and departure information by November 15.  A week before the trip begins, we will send you information about our arrival day procedure.

Please do not book non-refundable flights before October 16, 2021. We will confirm on the 16th whether enough students have enrolled to run the program.


Students must arrange their own housing. We have reserved a block of rooms at a special rate for this program at the Hotel Marignan in the Latin Quarter, although you are welcome to book another option convenient to the area. If you wish to room with other participants, please join our Facebook group for the program and make arrangements to book together.

Prices for the Hotel Marignan are below. When you book, please write to [email protected] and mention the Paideia Institute.

  • 1 person, double bed, 85 euros per night - private bathroom and shower  
  • 1 person, single bed, 65 euros per night - private bathroom (shower on the landing to be shared with another room)   
  • Shared rooms:
  • Double/twin (1 double bed or 2 separate beds) at 110 euros per night - private bathroom and shower  
  • Double at 80 euros per night - shower and toilet on the same floor to share with another room (1 double bed)
  • Triple at 135 euros per night - private bathroom and shower  (3 separate beds)
  • Quad at 155 euros per night - private bathroom and shower  (4 separate beds)


Non-Refundable Deposit: October 15, 2021

Remaining Balance: November 15, 2021


Once paid, the $500 deposit is non refundable (Please note that this initial deposit is refundable in the event that the program is canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak).  If a student withdraws from the course after the balance has been paid, the balance is refundable only if that student's place is filled by another student.  There is no refund for students who withdraw after the start of the program.


There are limited scholarship funds available for Living Latin in Paris from the Reginald Foster Fund.  If you applied for a scholarship, you will be notified separately.


Please send a check payable to the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, Inc. to the following address. Please make sure that the checks are received by the above dates.

Attn: LLiP Payment 
The Paideia Institute
PO Box 670 
New York, NY 10012


Please pay the deposit and balance by clicking the button below.

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