Active Latin with Justin Slocum Bailey



Hosted by The Blake School

February 11, 2017


Latin teachers from around the Minneapolis area are invited to attend Active Latin with Justin Slocum Bailey, a teacher training session, at the Blake School. Justin is a second language acquisition expert, an innovative Latin teacher, and an experienced teacher-trainer, who specializes in boosting joy and success in language learning. Justin has mentored and advised hundreds of teachers and learners while consulting for schools, districts, publishers, software developers, and non-profits. His presentations and classes are characterized by glee, discovery, camaraderie, and adaptability to the interests, needs, and gifts of those present.

At Paideia's Active Latin training workshops Justin provides hands-on training for Latin teachers interested in experiencing and learning more about teaching Latin via active methods in their classrooms. At this workshop, teachers will get...

  • practical techniques for helping students process increasingly complex Latin in real time
  • a variety of activities for working with Latin texts, including activities for building up to and following up on reading
  • a refined understanding of the relationship between explicit linguistic knowledge and reading proficiency
  • ways of capitalizing on students' interests to maximize buy-in and long-term learning
  • tools for designing lessons that help students interact not only with Latin, but also in Latin
  • the opportunity to hear classical Latin spoken--useful both for "activating" teachers' own Latin and as a model for speaking Latin with students
  • guided practice in many of the techniques Justin models

You can find testimonials from past workshops on his website


This Active Latin training workshop will be hosted by the Blake School on the Minneapolis Campus located at 511 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis MN 55403. The training session on Saturday will run from approximately 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch.

The Revised Standards for Classical Learning

The American Classical League, the Society for Classical Studies, and regional classical associations are collaborating to develop thoroughly updated Standards for Classical Language Learning. Although they are still in draft form, it is clear that the revised Standards will take seriously the power of research-informed practices that include the active use of classical languages during the learning process. Justin’s workshops are an ideal source of training in implementing these new Standards.

The Need for Teacher Training in Active Latin

Latin instructors at all levels have become increasingly convinced of the power of language teaching and learning practices informed by research in applied linguistics--witness the booming of online support groups for teachers implementing such practices and the increasing percentage of job postings for Latin teachers that emphasize active use of the language--but many instructors have not had the benefit of training in these practices, and training events can be hard to find. These workshops have been specifically developed to fill that gap.

CEU's and Certification

The Paideia Institute is a certified provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU's). All registered participants at active Latin training events earn CEU’s.  The specific number of CEU’s awarded will depend on the length of the event. The Paideia Institute will also issue an Active Latin Certificate to all participants. This certification will document to potential employers of formal training in the active approach.

Professional Development Grants

Participants are encouraged to apply for professional development grants in order to fund the cost of attending these teacher training sessions. Available grants include those offered by CAMWS and the National Latin Exam, among others.


The conference is free for participants. Participants must register by Friday, January 27th.