University Partnerships

The Paideia Institute works with college and university Classics Departments and Community Engagement Offices to establish local Aequora sites as service-learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Paideia provides ongoing logistical and curricular support so that the program does not create extra work for faculty or administrators. Support includes facilitating the process of finding a community organization to host the program, offering training and support to volunteers, and developing recommended reading lists on issues related to educational inequality and classics outreach.

The Aequora model is flexible and can be implemented in a variety of contexts. Departments have used Aequora to create new independent studies, to turn introductory and intermediate Latin courses into service-learning courses, and to establish ongoing volunteer opportunities for majors. We have launched sites in collaboration with the following universities:

Visit our Aequora FAQ page and contact us to learn more about bringing Aequora to your college!