About Loci in Locis.

John Kuhner |

The Paideia Institute has prided itself on bringing classic texts — loci — to classic places — locis. In this column, edited by Meaghan Carley, Paideia’s Rome fellows write about classic places, illuminated by classic texts. Loci in Locis columns don’t have to be about Rome only, though: Paideia has done Latin- (and Greek-) text-based tours in New Jersey (using a Latin life of George Washington), Paris, Washington D.C., and museums throughout the world. Interested in submitting a Loci in Locis entry? Send it to [email protected].


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John Kuhner

John Byron Kuhner is the former president of SALVI, the North American Institute of Living Latin Studies, and editor of In Medias Res.


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