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Aequora Site Fundraiser

GOAL: $2,500.00


Aequora is the Paideia Institute’s main outreach program. Its goals are:
(1) to expand access to Latin and Greek education to students who might not otherwise have it and
(2) to increase interest in Latin and Greek nationwide by demonstrating to administrators the power of Classical language instruction to improve literacy outcomes. 

Many students learn to love Latin because of the beauty of the language and its literature or the inherent fascination of Roman history and classical art. Yet beyond its potential for aesthetic and intellectual enrichment, Latin instruction can also enhance skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and cultural literacy. However, for most of its history, the study of Latin has been almost exclusively available to a very limited part of the population or to socio-economically restricted groups. Through Aequora, we are changing that story. Aequora's mission is to make the many benefits of learning Latin, and its rich literary and historical context, accessible to every student who is interested, not just those who are lucky enough to attend schools which offer Latin or wealthy enough to afford tutors.

Aequora already has over thirty sites around the United States, and is working closely with public school systems and after-school enrichment programs that serve at-risk youth in order to create a fun and accessible Latin learning experience. Aequora would love to expand. With your help, Aequora will be able to offer ever more engaging activities to students, open more sites all over the United States, create more positions for Aequora volunteers, and provide financial assistance to site coordinators. All of these will enable us to offer a more meaningful and effective experience to both the students and the teachers. At the Paideia Institute, we are deeply grateful to you for your support!