So the famous singer sang his tale, but Odysseus melted: Book 8 of Homer's Odyssey

So the famous singer sang his tale, but Odysseus melted: Book 8 of Homer's Odyssey

Course Description: In this, final, reading course for our ongoing group on Homer's Odyssey, we will continue to read about Odysseus at the court of the proud Phaeacians, and in particular how he is moved by the songs of the exquisite bard Demodocus. Classes will be dedicated to reading and translating the text, and to discussing the broader themes therein. While this is an ongoing Homeric reading group, newcomers (especially newcomers to Homer) are always very welcome. Old veterans from past years are also always welcome!


Level: This course is intended for participants with upper-Intermediate to advanced reading knowledge of Ancient Greek.

Textbook: Geoffrey Steadman's student commentary, available as a free download here:

Sections capped at: 5 students. If the course is sold-out, please fill out this waiting-list form.

Tuesdays, 8pm EDT


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Marcello Lippiello

Marcello Lippiello has been participating in the Telepaideia program since its inception over a decade ago. In his 8 years as an instructor for Paideia, he has accumulated well over 1000 hours of live video instruction experience, covering a range of topics, from introductory courses for both languages (using a variety of textbooks) to reading courses in Homer and the New Testament, to practice groups for advanced speakers of Latin.

He was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, where he received his B.A. in Classical Languages and Theology from Fordham University. He has long had an interest in conversational Latin, earning a Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies from the University of Kentucky's Institutum Studiis Latinis Provehendis in 2005, along with master's degrees in classical languages and classical studies from Kentucky and from Duke University. He is also a two-time alumnus of Paideia's Living Greek in Greece Program (where he played Tiresias in the Bacchae), and has participated in many other conversational Greek and Latin workshops through the University of Kentucky, the Polis Institute, and through SALVI, such as the Synodos Hellenike and Rusticatio. He has taught undergraduate college courses in all levels of Latin and Greek at several institutions, including Christendom College in Virginia and the Pontifical College Josephinum in Ohio. He lives with his family in Danbury, Connecticut.