What Can Ancient Literature Teach Us
About Coping with Trauma?


Saturday, February 26th at 11am

with Dani Bostick

Trauma can change our relationship with time, a common post-traumatic phenomenon often ignored in diagnostic manuals. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the notion of temporal distortions more relatable because of trauma, disruptions to routine, and more general changes to our way of life. Focusing on Aeneas' speech to his men as a blueprint for restoring temporal order out of chaos, this lecture will examine what Vergil communicates about trauma and its aftermath through his representation of time.


About our Speaker

Dani Bostick has over 15 years of experience teaching high school Latin and is also a former mental health counselor. She writes and presents on the congruence between traditional Classics education and white supremacy, including an article in the American Journal of Philology. She is also TED-Ed Innovative Educator and former member of the Teacher Advisory Council for the National Humanities Center.