Ilias Kolokouris
Graduate Fellow

Ilias Kolokouris is a Ph.D. student in Classics and Modern Greek Literature at the University of Athens and New College, Oxford. He holds a ptychion in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature, and a Master's Degree in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language. His thesis was on the tragic elements found in Aristophanes’ Acharnians. Master's thesis on Politeness Strategies and Gender in Refusals to Invitation - how to teach refusals to learners of modern greek. Ilias has taught for the University of Missouri Creative Writing Seminars on Serifos, for the Modern Greek Language Centre of the University of Athens and for Paideia’s Living Greek in Greece program. He also teaches at the Living Greek in Greece Highschool Program. His current research focuses on the reception of ancient Greek literature within modern greek Aestheticism prose and British Decadence in Oxford. Translation of "Women of Homer" by Oscar Wilde into modern Greek, will be published by Kastaniotis Publications in 2021. "Modern Greek For Classicists" from Paideia Press in 2020.