Living Latin In Rome Application and Guidelines

SESSION 1 - CATULLUS: June 28 - July 11, 2020

SESSION 2 - OVID: July 12 -  July 25, 2020


Thank you for expressing interest in Living Latin in Rome 2020, a program run by the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study. We hope that you will join us in the Eternal City as part of a group of enthusiastic students of the Latin language.

Please read these application guidelines thoroughly, then fill out the application linked at the bottom of this page.


Living Latin in Rome is a two-week immersive experience in Latin literature and language set in the city of Rome. Under the guidance of expert Latin speakers, participants read works from Latin literature and discuss them using Latin as an active, spoken language. Research into second language acquisition shows that speaking Latin as an active language helps students learn the language more quickly and effectively than they do from the traditional grammar translation method alone. Speaking Latin also helps the learner gain an intuitive feel for the language and build a relationship with it. Many Latin speakers also find that discussing Latin literature in Latin opens up new interpretive pathways by dispensing with the need for translation.


In the Living Latin in Rome program, participants read and discuss texts of a Latin author, and visit ancient sites related to the text in the city of Rome and elsewhere in Italy. Beginner classes read sections of the text and include discussion of the literature in both Latin and English, offering participants a chance to review their Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, and featuring interactive spoken Latin exercises. More advanced classes read more text and aim at a free interpretive discussion of the text in Latin.


This intensive Latin reading course, offered in two 2-week sessions, has two purposes: to provide a continuous immersive period of Latin study and to introduce participants to a work of Latin literature in the context of its related ancient sites. The course meets twice a day for one hour, five days a week. Once each week the participants visit a site in Rome related to the chosen text, and on the weekend there is a trip outside of Rome to another site related to the chosen text or author.


In 2020, two sessions of Living Latin in Rome will run back to back in late June and July.  Participants can choose either session or enroll in both. Session one will focus on the poetry of Catullus and visit Verona and the Sirmio Peninsula, where Catullus had his summer villa. Session two will focus on the poetry of Ovid and visit Sulmona, where Ovid was born in the mountains of Abruzzo.


This course will draw students of diverse backgrounds and interests. Beginners are welcome. More advanced undergraduates, high school teachers, and graduate students in related fields such as archaeology, history, medieval studies, and religious studies will also find themselves challenged and engaged. The ideal group will be varied and complementary, able to help one another learn by playing to each other’s talents and interests. All applications for admission and letters of recommendation must be received by March 1, 2020. Letters of recommendation should be sent by your recommender directly to


For an additional cost, the Paideia Institute is able to arrange housing in doubles at the Cappuccini Casa per Ferie. Participants who select this option will be paired with roommates based on age and gender. For roommate requests and specific housing questions, please reach out to us at  

Alternatively, participants may elect to find and pay for their own housing in Rome. We recommend staying in Prati, so as to be close to the classroom and meeting spots. 


For tuition and housing, the price of one session is $2900. For tuition without housing, the price of one session is $1800. It must be paid in full by May 1, 2020. This cost includes tuition, the costs of all trips (including housing on the weekend trip), museum and site admissions, transportation to and from the airport, and some meals. 

Airfare, daily expenses for meals, and spending money are not included in the cost of tuition. The cost of life in Rome can vary greatly depending on one’s tastes, but at the very least we recommend that students budget €20/day for food. Please consider the exchange rate when planning your budget.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required of all participants by April 1, 2020. Our acknowledgment of receipt of this deposit guarantees the student a post in the course. The remaining cost, $2400 or $1300, is due by May 1, 2019.


Students are encouraged to plan their flights as soon as possible. Participants in Session 1 (Catullus) should arrive in Rome on Sunday June 28. Participants in Session 2 (Ovid) should arrive in Rome on Sunday July 12. 

Those wishing to remain in Rome beyond their program’s end date should make their own arrangements for accommodation after that date. If you are participating in both sessions of LLIR and have elected to stay in Paideia housing, you will be allowed to stay there on the night of July 11. 

On arrival and departure dates, you should plan to make your way from the airport to your housing. Paideia will provide directions from the airport to the Cappuccini housing. 

If you do not have a valid passport, get one immediately. This process can be time consuming and should not be left to the last minute.


Please direct all questions to or call (609) 429-0734.


This application must be completed by March 1.  Applications received after this deadline will be considered on a rolling basis as space is available.

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