Milena Minkova

Milena Minkova is Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky. She has published on Latin literature in its continuity, 12th century Renaissance, Latin Composition, Latin Pedagogy, and Active Latin. Together with Terence Tunberg, Minkova has co-authored the introductory Latin series “Latin for the New Millennium.” Both Minkova and Tunberg moderate the Institute for Latin Studies, a Graduate Certificate Curriculum associated with the M.A. Program in Classics at the University of Kentucky, in which Latin is taught in its continuity from ancient until modern times and in the target language (since 2020 the Certificate is being offered online as well). Minkova’a most recent volume is a critical anthology of Neo-Latin Florilegium recentioris Latinitatis (Leuven University Press, 2018).